Oil/Gas Separators


PETREX Job No. J0136

Delivered:  January 1999

Location:  Offshore - Gulf of Mexico

This 230 tons module is designed to perform staged separation of gas, oil, and water produced by multiple wells on an offshore production platform.  Design capacity is 15,000 BOPD, 12,000 BWPD and 200 MMCFD gas.  Gas and oil exit from four three-phase separators and are further processed by other equipment on the platform.  Water discharged by each of the separators is de-oiled by multiple hydro-cyclones located on the upper level of the module.  The module is fully outfitted with instrumentation and safety systems.

 Major Equipment:

High Pressure Separator: 76I.D. x 24 S/S, 2023 PSI DWP, ASME Code       
Intermediate Pressure Separator: 80I.D. x 20 S/S, 1348 PSI DWP, ASME  Code
Low Pressure Separator: 96 I.D. x 22 S/S, 2023 PSI DWP, ASME Code
Test Separator:   48 I. D. x 16 S/S, 2023 PSI DWP, ASME Code
 Hydrocyclones (11):   150 to 2200 PSI DWP, ASME Code
 Size:  40 x 40 x 20 
 Weight: 230 Tons



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