Glycol Regenerator


PETREX Job No. J0083

Delivered: June 1997

Location: Offshore - Gulf of Mexico

This 85 ton module is designed to regenerate Tri-ethylene Glycol for natural gas dehydration on an offshore oil and gas production platform. The 20 GPM wet TEG stream enters the regenerator from a gas-glycol contactor operating at 1100 PSIG. First it exchanges heat with the regenerated lean glycol then flows through a hydrocarbon skimmer, cartridge and charcoal filters. It then enters the re-boiler where water is removed as steam and the lean glycol is re-injected into the contactor.

Major Equipment:

  Glycol-Hydrocarbon Skimmer: 42" O.D. x 15 S/S, 150 PSIG ASME Code
  Reboiler: 0.5 MMBTU/HR, 150 PSIG @ 500F, ASME Code
  Surge Tank: 48" O.D. x 15 S/S, 15 PSIG @ 500F, ASME Code
  Carbon Filter:  48" O.D. x 108" OAL, 150 PSIG @ 220F ASME Code
  Cartridge Filter:  16" O.D. x 65" OAL, 150 PSIG @ 220F ASME Code
  Heat Exchangers:  1 MM BTU/HR 150 PSIG @ 220F ASME Code
  Injection Pumps:  19 GPM @ 1700 PSIG 30HP P.D. Pump
Size:  15 x 30 x 20  





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